Mtn Base Lift Promo in Nigeria

MTN Nigeria has launched a new promo called MTN base lift.

The MTN base lift promo running across media networks in Nigeria promises bumper benefits for MTN subscribers, recharge card sellers, distributors and everyone . . . every stakeholder . . . connected with MTN Nigeria in some way.

As the name suggest, the MTN base lift is likely to improve the profit base of MTN distributors and retailers across the country.

That is a layman's guess.

Hey, what is the full gist of this MTN service?

I don't have a clear picture. Do you?

If you're familiar with this service, please share by posting your comments here using the link below.

I love promotions that help business people improve their bottom line. This may just be it for Nigerians connected to MTN.

Hey Guys, I need more info!

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