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Hey there, Mums! Is your kid a genius? Can't wait to show him or her off to the world?

If your answer is yes, this should interest you. From  October 6th, 2016 to October 14th Nunu Milk, the nutritious milk for growing smart children, will be rewarding kids for being smart in the Nunu Smart Growth Challenge!

Both physical and mental growth in children is highly influenced by their feeding habits. We are sure you have been giving your children the nutrition they deserve, especially with NUNU milk, to improve their progress.

To participate in the Nunu Smart Growth Challenge:

 Follow NUNU milk's official Facebook and Instagram pages.
Upload a 30-seconds long video of your child answering our fun quiz questions on Facebook. Lengthier videos would be automatically disqualified.
The first child to answer all questions correctly and the fastest within the 30 seconds mark gets the star prize of a  20,000 Naira shopping voucher. There are also lots of consolation prizes to be won like our cool goodie bags.
Don't miss out on this great opportunity, Mums! Let the world see how smart your child is and let NUNU reward them and your efforts.

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