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At SureGrant, members gain incomes from funds donated. These funds are calculated and rewarded as detailed below.

30% of Donation: This is calculated as 30% of every amount donated and is credited to the donor once for every donation made. The profit and amount donated are made available after payment has been confirmed and elapsed seven days

Referral Bonus: There two types of referral bonuses- Bonus from Direct downlines and bonus from indirect downlines. Direct Downline bonuses are calculated as a percentage of the funds donated by each downline. The percentage to be used for this calculation depends on the number of direct downlines an upline has. See the Compensation plan.
as shown in the compensation scheme, An upline with 0-1 downline will get 5% of amount donated by its Direct downline and its titled PARICIPANT at this stage. Same goes for every upline with 2,5, . . ., 10000 downlines.

Sure Grant is a peer-to-peer donation platform designed to provide financial support by circulating funds among members.

How it works step-by-step guide

Pledge a Donation
Wait to be matched
When Matched, authenticate Receiver
Make Payment
Upload Payment proof
Receiver confirms payment
Wait for release date
Request Grant

Make a recommitment donation
Via available funds, Get 50% Grant instantly
Via new pledge Get 100% Grant after 7days and payment confirmation
Wait to be matched with a donor
When matched, Contact and encourage donor
Receive Fund
Confirm Payment
Write Testimonies, Make videos, promote and express happiness on social media
Publicize your referral link, follow-up downlines, encourage and assist them
Repeat from step three (3)

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